Hazratbal Mosque is the most important Muslim Religious place, situated on the western shore of Dal Lake.  Its pristine white marble elegance is reflected in the waters of the lake.

Hazratbal’s special significance is derived from the fact that it houses a hair of the prophet Muhammad. This is displayed to the public on religious occasions, usually accompanied by fairs. Apart from these occasions, Friday prayers are offered at Hazratbal and attended by throngs of people. Hazratbal is remarkable for being the only domed mosque in Srinagar; the others having distinct pagoda like roofs. The shrine – mosque complex is situated on the western shore of the Dal Lake opposite Nishat Bagh and commands a grand view of the lake and the mountain beyond.

Moi-e-Muqqadus being the center of attraction in Hazratbal, the entire Mosque structure depicts the holy bliss of Mohammad. Local people flock to the site time and again. Also, tourists from all over the world who come to Jammu & Kashmir make it sure that they visit Hazratbal atleast once.

Hazratbal can be reached through NH1A which links Kashmir with other parts of India. Also the nearest railway station to Hazratbal lies at a distance of 300 km in Jammu. Whereas the Badgam district which is 25 km away from Hazratbal houses the closest air terminal. Upholding the religious sanctity of the life of Prophet Mohammad Hazratbal inevitably comes in the itinerary of Jammu & Kashmir pilgrim tourism.