As you drive past the Mughal Gardens of Achabal, you will come across the picturesque Daksum. Situated amidst the magnificent grandeur of the Kokarnag springs, it presents an awe-inspiring sight. Standing at an altitude of 2438 m in a densely forested gorge,Daksum offers peace and tranquility. The only sound heard there is that of the Bringhi River, rushing right through its center.Daksum in Kashmir valley is a must for those fond of walking and nature.A walk in Daksum will take you up to the hills enveloped in lush coniferous trees and past gurgling brooks. The simple music coming out of the flute of an unseen shepherd tending to his flock will keep you mesmerized. The landscape of Daksum is quite erratic.

From the tree-covered hills, you will suddenly find yourself in grassy meadows serving as host to the sheep coming for pasture. The invigorating mountain air, the calm and serenity, the densely clad hills, all make the trip to Daksum a memorable experience. Then, there are the snow-capped mountains in the background that further enhance the beauty of this place. Hidden from view in a thickly forested area at a height of 2438 Daksum could belong to an era of the Lotus Eaters such is the leisurely calm and peace that pervades the air there but for the gushing of the Bringhi river that runs through it.

Daksum is a place where you can revel in solitude and be one with nature. Pine trees; green meadows, clear gurgling brooks, fresh mountain air all promise to make your experience invigorating and long lasting.


It is located at an altitude of 2,438m above the sea level. It is Situated at a distance of 40km from the main district headquarters and about 85km from Srinagar. It is on the trekking route to Kishtwar. From here the trail leads to Sinthan Pass also Sinthan Top.