Contrary to popular belief that the invading kings only plunder and destroy the newly acquired kingdom – the Mughal Dynasty was known for beautification of a place by exploiting the natural resources of that place. The classic example is the little town of Achabal. It does not fall in the centre of the scheme of important things in Jammu and Kashmir State – not now….not in the 15th Century. And yet, the Mughals built a Mughal Garden in this area solely because of the powerful and gushing natural spring that flows through this town. They laid the Mughal Gardens around the spring. It is because of this Mughal Garden that Achabal was put on the Tourism Map of Jammu and Kashmir State and is visited by thousands each summer.

The town Achabal is a famous tourist place of Kashmir valley. It is 64 Kmts. from Srinagar city. It is situated in south east direction of Anantnag town and is spread over 2 Sq. Kmts. This town was established by Maharaja Akshan during Hindu rule. Later on Mughal queen Noor Jehan constructed a beautiful garden here in 1620 AD. The spring of Achabal is famous for its sweetness and its digestive properties. The town is located in foot hills of mountains and jungles. The trout fish farm equipped with latest infrastructure adds to its beauty. It has its own importance on the tourist map of the world.